Stand With Give Thanks!

Today, Dec. 10, is Human Rights Day. Everyone has the right to life, freedom and safety. Give Thanks is a grassroots project dedicated to helping refugees to regain these necessities by providing sewing machines, materials and a marketplace to sell these items so that they can begin to have an income. Stand in solidarity with us by donating to our campaign here -

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Get Vakna's Limited Print!

We are excited to announce a collaboration with Vakna, a talented artist from Athens. This limited print featuring original photography colored by a child from Skaramangas Refugee Camp, depicting a scene from the playground will be available for $35 plus shipping and the proceeds will go to fund art classes and supplies for the kids. Message us - for details! For more information about the artist -



Refugee Mamas and Papas Need You!

Give Thanks is rolling out a new campaign to help improve the lives of mamas and papas in refugee camps. You can read more and help here

"Getting through the mud is tough, but once you manage to break through it, it is so miraculous to finally be able to bloom." - Why We All Need a Creative Outlet by Jennifer Twardowski

Give Thanks has visited many refugee camps in Greece to set up art projects for children, but as you might imagine, life in a refugee camp is difficult for adults as well. Most will spend day after day in a tent or container without anything to do.  We want to do something to improve the quality of life for the mamas and papas. 

We are excited to announce the rollout of our new prodgram! Give Thanks has received generous donations of sewing machines to deliver to camps in Greece. In October, we will send a team to distribute these machines along with materials to set up a sewing program where displaced women and men will be able to have a creative outlet as well as earn something for their work. The items made will be sold to directly benefit the people who made them.

We currently have locations in Athens and Thessaloniki who are waiting for us! In order to accomplish this, we are fundraising to buy materials in Greece for the sewing program as well for travel costs to distribute the machines.

Your donation will go directly towards the start of this sewing program. 

Join Us for a Special Evening!

We are leaving for Greece in 10 days! We are in need of sewing machines and materials for the women in refugee camps. A delicious and entertaining fundraiser dinner has been announced to benefit Give Thanks. This 5 course meal is at a secret location to be announced after you purchase your tickets. Join the Hidden Dinner community here - Looking forward to seeing you at the table!

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